Summary of Era

During any given war in US history, the press has been immediately involved with reporting on the events and spreading such word of.  From being censored to being entirely televised, the press has evolved from being exclusive to showing the nation what it is fighting for. One grand reporter, Matthew Brady, was able to take story telling to a different level by reporting with small videos and pictures. The Vietnam war sparked the use of technology in order to show and tell. People such as George Creel banked on the use of propaganda in the press to further acquire funds to report and for actual reporting in itself to gain support from avid news readers and watchers.

Summary of Game

The Crossword Puzzle contains a combination of questions based on all the information from the History Posts. Each war has a distinctive quality that was used as answers in the game. There are 2 questions containing material from each war. The more information that you know on our website the easier the questions will be. Evidently the objective of the game is to get them all correct but if needed there is a Study Guide attached.

Group Reflection

Working in groups is always a difficult task, but between the five of us we worked very efficiently. We kept in constant contact and used the end of class time to meet and talk about what we wanted to get done. Throughout the process of getting the project done, we often communicated to each other what the tasks were and who was going to do them. Usually we did everything pretty well, although we started kind of bad by not getting the first week tasks done. After that we started to head on the right track and the history portion of the project was where we united as a group and began to get things done. Everyone in the group was very committed to getting a good grade and making sure that everything was accomplished in a timely manner, which allowed us to trust each other throughout the project. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience for all of us.

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