Matthew Brady’s Impact on the Civil War

Matthew Brady is seen as an important part of the Civil War in terms of telling the story as it happened by recording moments through his photography. Although he did not take many pictures during combat, he was able to show the effects of the war through his photos of soldiers and their camp life. One example was when he photographed soldiers after combat, gathered by a cooking fire, but near this site were corpses of fallen soldiers. Photos like the latter allowed for moments in history to be captured exceptionally, which at the time spoke volumes about the struggles that the American people faced during those trying times. Brady’s extraordinary exploits as a photographer appropriately led to him being known as the “father of photojournalism”.

Source: Byrd, Max. “Mathew Brady: Portraits Of A Nation.” Wilson Quarterly 37.4 (2013): 124-128. Academic Search Premier. Web. 6 Mar. 2016.


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