Answer Key

  1. The most significant aspect of the press and technology during the Vietnam war was that bits and pieces of the war were being televised instead of just written about. People nationwide received a glimpse of the war in action.
  2. Propaganda has affected the press during war by being able to bring in funds for the paper and reporting. Propaganda also played a big role in further spreading word about the importance of war.
  3. When the War on Terror occurred, the Patriotic Act was passed, which prevented anyone and everyone from reporting anything related to anti-war efforts.
  4. CNN was able to execute what many would not have had the courage to do. The reporters working for CNN experienced war first hand by being present at certain war sites.
  5. Although censorship of the press was controlled by the military in Korea and Japan, US reporters did not fear the Korean militia therefore making it difficult for them to completely censor any information.
  6.  Matthew Brady was a reporter who captured the moment and shed light on stories in a unique way. During the civil war, Brady did not directly capture war moments, but he was able to tell of these moments by capturing pictures of soldiers in their activities aside from war.
  7. George Creel’s main goal was to establish propaganda that would gain massive support from US Citizens in order to go through with US involvement in World War I.
  8. The press during the Granada conflict was unique because it was rare for reporters to travel to the small island. Most of the report was received from a few pictures that were able to be taken during this time.

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