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Irania Quintero’s Reflection

Working on this project was a valuable experience. At first, it was difficult to find a way to work together, but we were able to set up a system to get it done efficiently. I found that this project was a good way to learn about the press and look at it in more detail than we would have during class. We found it very easy to work with each other once we found our flow. Unlike other projects I have been involved in, this one was on the more enjoyable side not only because it was fun to learn about working on a website, but also because my group members were fun, hard-working, and easy to communicate with. All in all, I want to thank the team for the hard work they put in. This was an invigorating experience.


Kyle Shramek Reflection

I think my favorite part about this project was actually working on a group project that was enjoyable. Almost every other group assignment I’ve ever been in has been one big confusing mess, with people who didn’t want to be involved. I feel like my group members were very like-minded people with the determination and will power it took to get this project done. I learned how to start a new website from scratch and essentially how to pave the way for the journalism career I aspire to one day achieve. This project was fun, and I learned a lot from it. Definitely looking forward to the next one!

Noah Vasquez Reflection

The thing I probably liked the most about this project was the game Vanessa and I made.  Making our era into a game can really help with study skills.  This was the first time I took part in making a website/blog running and I had lots of fun.  To be honest, I really didn’t care about the press during the wars the U.S. had.  But doing this project gave me an insight of what they had to go through to get press material back to the U.S. home-front.  Each war the press had many, many obstacles and they weren’t appreciated at all, but now they have my appreciation.  I feel that doing assignments with others is way better then doing them yourself and doing this project I realized I had the best.

Francisco’s Reflection

Group projects are usually pretty hard to do, but this blog project actually went really smooth. My group members and I worked really hard throughout the process. My group members made it really easy to find all their links for the bibliography, which was extremely helpful in getting it done. We all also worked very efficiently in getting the history portion done. Within one day of starting the history part, we were about done which I thought was great. I also enjoyed this project because of how informative it was. I learned how the press was effected throughout many wars in many eras. Personally, I did more research on the civil war, so that was my favorite part to write about. Also, getting to learn word press was helpful and I believe it’s something I will continue to work with even after our class is over. I feel that by setting up this site I’ve actually learned a lot about a future in online journalism and what it takes to keep a blog running.

Vanessa Mayorga Reflection

The History Game was one of my favorite projects. I have always wanted to learn how to created my own website to blog on. I also could not have been apart of a better team. We all helped and contributed equally with everything and there is no doubt that we were a great team and could count on each other. I created my own personal biography as well as the information on the Korean War. Noah and I contributed to the Game; from creating the actual questions to creating the link and the summary. I learned so much from each war and think this was a great and effective way to research journalism amongst each Era.